Double Rewards Club

Their Rewards Club

Every major cruise line has its own rewards club. And we think that's wonderful.  Stay loyal to them and you can get some nice perks including special prices on each of their sailings, on-board credits, invitations to special on-board events, special seating at shows, and more. And in case you were wondering, whether you use a travel professional to book your cruise or not, you will still receive your reward points.

Our Rewards Club

By booking your cruise with us, not only will you receive rewards from your cruise-line's club, you'll also receive rewards from our own club. When you book a cruise with us you are automatically enrolled in our club.  And with our club you'll receive perks on your first cruise and every cruise thereafter.

So, getting rewards from the cruise line plus getting rewards from us is like getting Double Rewards. That's why we call it our Double Rewards Club.

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