Friends & Family Cruise

What is a "Friends & Family" cruise?

It's pretty much as it sounds. In essence, it's a group cruise made up of Friends and/or Family. Think of family reunions, high-school reunions, weddings, or just a group of cousins. If you want to get a group of people together to bond and have fun, there's no beating a cruise.

Imagine getting all of your favorite golf buddies together for a five-day golf cruise that starts in Boston, with stops in New York, Baltimore, and Charleston, spending the day in each city playing one of the area's finest courses.

Or can you imagine arranging a family reunion, sending invites  around the country or even around the world, to relatives you haven't seen in many years, or perhaps even to those you've never met? Consider the once-in-a-lifetime moments as the family members meet on-board, perhaps for the very first time.

What are the benefits of a Friends & Family Cruise?

The cruise line treats your cruise as they would any other 'group'. As long as it meets the line's minimum number of cabins, each member of the group will get the discounted price for the cruise. On top of that, it is customary for the leader of the group to get an even larger discount. If the group is large enough, it is likely that the leader will cruise for free.

Further benefits are available to the group such as rent-free space to have their private events such as private parties and dinners.

How do I get started planning a Friends & Family Cruise?

It just takes one member of the group to get it started by calling their favorite cruise specialists (here's hoping that will be us). The specialist will help you select the cruise line and itinerary, handle all of the bookings including on-shore excursions, and even arrange special group events onboard the ship. These might include a private Welcome Aboard party, private cocktail party, private dinners, and possibly even special tours of the ship.

We do the work to plan your special Family & Friends group cruise so you can spend your precious time enjoying it.

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