Myth - Having a Family Reunion on a cruise ship is Too Expensive.

Actually, when you tally the cost of hotel rooms, meals and entertainment, and perhaps even a catered venue for a family party, an equivalent family reunion held on a cruise can be far less expensive and even more enjoyable for the whole group.  And if the get-together is large enough you can get group rates, making it an even better value.  (Typically, you can get group rates by booking as few as eight staterooms.)  Let’s compare.

The truth is that having your company get-togethers (conferences, meetings, reward-outings etc.) on a cruise ship is a much better value than hotels, convention centers, or resorts.  Cruise outings can save you as much as 30% plus give you advantages that other venues can’t.

For example, at traditional venues such as Las Vegas or Orlando’s Disneyworld, these areas are so vast and accessible that it is probable that many of the attendees will blow off some (or all) of the group events for something off-property.  On a cruise ship the attendees, while having lots of entertainment available, simply can’t go far. Couple that with a well-timed meeting schedule (meet while the ship is at sea and during dinner times when there are few distractions) and it’s likely you’ll have 100% attendance.

As for savings, on a cruise ship the price per attendee includes not only the accommodations (state room) but also food and non-alcoholic beverage, plus entertainment galore.  And the choices for food are astonishing, rivaling most four and five-star resorts. Not only are meals covered, but snacks, deserts, and even impulse foods like pizza, burgers, ice cream and cookie treats, etc.  Room service is free and available for any meal and most ships offer it 24-hours a day.

Also free are meeting spaces for small and intimate gatherings of just a couple of dozen people all the way up to huge auditoriums for hundreds of attendees. Also available (and usually free of charge) are state of the art audio/visual equipment, welcome cocktail parties, private meals, and more. Another big plus for your cruise ship conference is the convenience of planning it.  It’s one-stop shopping and they do all the work for you. Having your company event on a cruise is a great value. Not only can you save lots of money, but it’s easier and less time-consuming for you to plan it.  Plus, the attendees will love it.  It’s a win-win.