Welcome Fellow Cruise Junkies!

Even if you've taken only one cruise, we know you're hooked.  Welcome to the club.  Our passion for cruising has practically taken over our lives.  Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but cruising is indeed a big part of our lives.  We think about cruising daily.  We are constantly adding places to our bucket list (we're going to need a bigger bucket).  

And because we live in the real world and can't be cruising all the time, we love helping others plan their cruises, including all of those fun details like excursions and tours, hotels, transportation, etc. And we can't help but make recommendations and dole out tips and advice from our own extensive experience.  Because we have the cruise-bug in common, it's likely we'll become fast friends.  If so, you may want to join us on one of our upcoming Hosted Cruise Adventures.

Let Us Save You Money

Because you are experienced cruisers it's likely you know that professional travel consultants can save you a substantial amount of money over booking directly with the cruise lines.  Cruise lines prefer their passengers  to use the services of trained, experienced, and certified cruise professionals.  Keep in mind that not all travel agents are certified cruise professionals (requiring many hours of specific education by the cruise lines).  That's why the deals they give us (for you) are better than if you booked directly with them.  These deals might simply be a better price, or they might be in the form of on-board credits, or free excursions, or a host of other perks.  Same goes for other travel services such as hotels, tour guides, museums, car services, etc.  Your savings typically works out to be hundreds of dollars, perhaps even thousands.

Let Us Save You Lots of Time

You've probably spent many hours surfing the internet for your next cruise.  Perhaps you're looking for inspiration for your next itinerary (there are so many choices).  Perhaps you're looking for the best deal. By now you're probably weary.  Why put yourself through it?  Vacation planning should be fun, not tense.  Let us help you.  We'll first get to know a bit about you.  We already have something in common...we both love cruising.  If you already have some things in mind for your next cruise we'll take the ball from there and run with it.  We'll fill in any gaps with recommendations and options, probably from our own experience, always keeping your budget in mind.  We'll give you advice and tips that are sure to enhance your experience, minimize the chance of any frustrations arising, as well as save you money.  We'll even help you decide what to pack for your particular trip.

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