What is a Hosted Cruise?

A Hosted Cruise is when our agency owners pick a cruise that they've already enjoyed at least once, act as Cruise Director and Tour Guide, and invite new and/or previous clients to come along.  It's a great way to be introduced to new people, travel with folks who've already been there, and have a blast.

What Are the Benefits of a Hosted Cruise?

Hosted Cruisers have some great perks.  Because you're traveling with a 'group' you'll enjoy a group price.  Your hosts will treat you to a private Welcome Aboard party as well as some other private meals and gatherings for just your group.  In each port-of-call you'll have the option of touring with the group and be personally guided by your hosts, or venturing off by yourself.  

You'll enjoy at least one Online Planning Party where you will meet your fellow travelers and get to know them. In a Hosted group such as this it is likely that you'll make some good friends who have things in common with you.  With a Hosted group you can decide when you'd like to be with the group and when you'd like to have a little private time. It's like having your cake and eating it too.

Where Are We Going?

We currently don't have a Hosted Cruise scheduled, however we want to have one or two scheduled soon for 2018.  One for around May/June and another for November/December.   We like these time frames for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the weather for the cruises we are considering are just perfect (not too hot nor too cold). Plus, because we will be choosing dates when kids are in school, the prices for cruises, hotels, tours and other excursions will be better.

We should at least have the May/June cruise picked out and set by the end of this year (2017).  We would love to have your input before we make the final decisions.  So, if you are interested (no obligation) please fill out the email sign-up form found on this page to start receiving email notifications. And don't forget to give us your preference from the list of possible cruises for May/June, 2018.

I'm Interested.  Tell Me More.

Once you sign up to receive emails regarding Hosted Cruises we'll send you the final decisions for the May/June sailing as well keep you abreast of other upcoming sailings.   We will also send you a list of cabin prices with the reduced rates that we've negotiated with the cruise line.  You will have your choice of cabin size, view, and location. Choices will include suites, balconies, etc.  

At the same time, we will send you a list of Hosted tours that we will have prearranged along with any cost involved (if any).  You are welcome to join us on these tours or we can help you choose from a host of other tours and excursions at any port-of-call.

If you elect to join us on our Hosted Cruise, the first step is to secure your spot (we limit the number of people) with a small deposit.  The balance can be paid later (typically due at least 90 days prior to sailing).  We then pick a date or two to meet online as a group to discuss the cruise and tours, etc.  This is where you'll get lots of little details and good advice, such as how to avoid or bypass the lines at the ship's check-in counter, where to get any foreign currency you might need, and plenty more.

After that meeting we will work with you individually to make sure we get you everything you might need, such as flights, hotel, transportation, passports, and even your own private tours if you like, etc.  We'll even give you guidance on what to pack (with some tips from our own past experience).  Remember, we've been there.

And finally, we'll see you at our private Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party.

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